Shock Interview: Anders Björkman Is a Professional Technologist Who Doesn’t Believe in Nukes

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

Anders Björkman, M.Sc. is a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer with more than 45 years experience of tanker and ferry design, construction and operations. Mr. Bjorkman has been a delegate to the IMO for various national administrations and one NGO and has been been a speaker at various Safety-at-Sea conferences. Mr. Bjorkman holds several patents concerned with ship safety. He also writes about A-bombs, human clowns in space, mysterious structural collapses, etc. He believes nuclear weapons don’t exist. See his website HERE: His CV can be seen HERE.

The Daily Bell: Hello there. You’re a controversial commentator, of course, and your website is a shock for those just stumbling on it. But whether it’s accurate or not, it’s also interesting and even courageous. So thanks for sitting down with us. We try to operate without bias, and thus won’t endorse your conclusion that nuclear weapons don’t exist. But we certainly have difficulties with the current narrative. We cover the dominant social themes of the elite – their propaganda – and nuclear disinformation is certainly part of it. [Ed. Note: See updated DB nuclear summary HERE.] You seem very confident of your conclusions.

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