Professor Laurence Kotlikoff & Chris Waltzek on GoldSeek Radio – August 22, 2016

by Chris Waltzek
GoldSeek Radio

[…] The USA is “Flat broke,” which is why central bankers are printing record amounts of currency, according to economist Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff, author of the Inform Act (please click to sign, supported by 17 Nobel Laureates). His work indicates that the actual national debt is 12 times the annual GDP, $199 trillion. The professor likens entitlement programs to a Ponzi scheme – policymakers are taking from one generation and sending it to another, causing severe societal distress. He’s published a free 157 page book, available online that outlines how the national economic catastrophe could still be averted (the host / are politically neutral). Dr. Kotlikoff outlines creative methods to overhaul the Social Security system and a responsible tax system, to make the US the most tax friendly business environment in the world.

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