Novo Resources Aims for High-Grade Gold Trifecta

Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold, who has been following Novo Resources for four years, discusses the company’s three programs that are likely to gain investor attention.

by Bob Moriarty
The Gold Report

I’ve been writing about Novo Resources Corp. (NVO:TSX.V; NSRPF:OTCQX) for four years. I have visited the Western Australia flock of lands owned by them three times now. In the first piece I wrote I discussed Quinton Hennigh’s theory of how gold got into the Great Oxidation Event, the chemistry of water began to change. Gold precipitated out in the presence of carbon. Gold has an affinity for carbon. I have explained this before in all of my first articles. You should take the time to revisit them if you are not familiar with the theory. And go here. And here.

I’ve been pretty quiet about the company for most of the last two years. That isn’t because things weren’t happening of interest; it was because they would have been interesting to the wrong people. In August of 2014 Novo released the first of their BLEG results talking about gold in Beaton’s Creek and Marble Bar. Alas, when Novo got all of the BLEG results back the highest indications of gold weren’t on their projects, it was to the east of them.

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