Money Always Moves from Weak Hands Into Strong Hands

Precious metals expert Bob Moriarty advises investors on how they can avoid the disinformation and invest with the smart money.

by Bob Moriarty
The Gold Report

Over the last 15 years I have come to realize just how much disinformation and simply bad information there is available to readers of financial matters. Much of what you watch and hear is simply wrong. People wonder why they consistently lose money and it’s simple. The best-informed investor is the most profitable investor. But that’s not in terms of quantity of investing information; it has far more to do with quality of investing material. Listen for the signal and learn to ignore the noise.

If you reduce investing to the financial atom level, it really has to do with money flow. Money always flows from weak hands into strong hands. That’s something you should have learned in kindergarten. The smart money buys at bottoms and sells at tops. The dumb money sells at bottoms and buys at tops. I’ve heard that 70–90% of investors lose money and if the number is accurate, that’s why.

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