Mike Gazzola – White Labeling vs. Retail Arbitrage on Amazon

from Financial Survival Network
Status Report as of August 11 2016 11:53am

Date business started: January 27, 2016
Total sales to date: $248,848
Total units to date: 6,924
Yesterday’s Sales: $3313
30 day sales: $73,152
30 day unit sales: 1861

White labeling your own products versus retail arbitrage. You can always go out and look to buy existing brands at a discount, whether going to sales retailers or close-out specialists. This can result in a lot of work. The alternative is to create your own brands. It’s much easier than you every dreamed possible. You find a product that’s already succeeding in the market, possibly make some simple improvements upon it, create your own brand and then market it. That’s what Mike and Matt have been doing to great success and that’s what they’ll teach you how to do.

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