Mike Gazzola – Still Mining the Amazon Mother Lode

from Financial Survival Network

When we last spoke with Mike Gazzola he had just broken the $200k mark in sales. Here’s the latest results since he started his Amazon Store at the end of January 2016:

  • Total Sales: $232,000
  • Total Unit Sales: 6472
  • Sales on 8-3-16: $3935
  • Past 30 day sales: $71,427
  • Past 30 unit sales: 1839

These would be amazing numbers for any small business start-up, but consider that Mike and Matt have zero employees, no receivables, minimal inventory and put in just $6,000 in start-up capital and haven’t put in one cent more and it’s all the more amazing. What’s even more amazing is that you can learn how to do it too and get started almost immediately. I’m about to start my own store selling a stainless steel drink tumbler and an electronic lighter. I can’t wait to get started. We’re off to China in early October with a group of students, in search of killer products. Join us! To get absolute proof of the above numbers, go to AmazonSecrets.net

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