Merkel Warns UK “No Cherry Picking” In Brexit Talks; UK Should Up the Ante

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock
Mish Talk

German chancellor Angela Merkel once again acts like she is in charge of Brexit negotiations. Her majesty needs another quick reminder about who is in charge, and what’s at stake.

Bloomberg reports Germany Warns U.K. That Brexit Talks Will Be Very Difficult.

German Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Roth warned that the U.K.’s negotiations to leave the European Union “will be very difficult” and that Britain won’t be allowed to “cherry pick” the best that the bloc has to offer.

“If the British want full market access but want to limit the access of workers from Germany, France or Poland, they will find there is no a la carte cooperation in this direction,” Roth, the government minister responsible for European affairs, said at a Berlin event Saturday. “We’ve told the British they can’t expect to pick the best aspects of the EU and leave matters at that.”

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