Media Confesses: Negative Interest Rate Backlash | Andy Hoffman

from Reluctant Preppers

(Recorded Fri 8/12/2016)
Through years of denial and disinformation, the government and mainstream corporate media have stuck to the narrative of being able to improve abysmal economic conditions which continue to dramatically worsen despite unprecedented central bank interventions, including negative interest rates.

But this week The Wall Street Journal broke ranks and published multiple front-page articles exposing just how ineffective the negative interest rates have been, and the backlash that is uprising from common-sense individuals, businesses, pension plans, currency markets and fund managers who can see past the manipulations and are taking matters into their own hands.

Andy Hoffman, marketing director at Miles Franklin, returns to Reluctant Preppers to expand on the story behind the story, foreshadowing where we are headed next and what you can do to take critical action now!

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