Jeff Gundlach Explains Why He Is Now “100% Net Short”

from Zero Hedge

In his latest interview on RealVision conducted last Friday, Doubleline’s Jeff Gundlach recapped the major points of his relatively bearish worldview, which are increasingly prioritizing political risk, with the ‘T-word’ now a factor for stocks, as the election gets closer and the potential for a President Trump.

Gundlach has been calling a Trump victory since the start and he outlines the likely market impact, as well as an economic bounce from the fiscal stimulus and the bond market shenanigans that might follow. With a long term need for l governments to really tackle the global debt problem against the backdrop of entitlement, the only play for serious investors here is defensive and Gundlach is more focused on where he can make money and for that he has the gold miners in his sights.

Here is a brief summary of his key points:

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