Janet Yellen, The Ultimate Red Herring

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

When I think of all the vacations, holidays, and market “slow periods” the Cartel has deprived me peace of mind during, by attacking when everyone else is taking it easy; over a 15-year period, no less; you can see why I have never been angrier. That said, per what I wrote earlier this week, I have no regrets about my career or investment decisions – and frankly, have never been less worried.

This week is a perfect example – as heading into today’s COMEX options expiration, a Cartel desperate to inflict “maximum pain” on those that still buy short-dated gold and silver calls knew full well that an enormous amount of “open interest” existed at the $1,300 and $1,310 levels – which not only would cause great financial loss if exercised deep in the money, but could catalyze a run on the extremely thin supply of actual, available-for-delivery inventory.

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