Investing in the New Resource Bull Market

by Matt Geiger
The Gold Report

After four grinding years of falling metal prices and vanishing market capitalizations, we have seen a stunning shift in market sentiment since mid-January, says Matt Geiger of MJG Capital. Multiple physical commodities are now in technical bull markets, and resource equities in particular have enjoyed a spectacular 2016 thus far. Geiger highlights several companies poised to take advantage of the boom.

Metal prices are again on the rise. Particular standouts include: silver, lithium, zinc, gold, platinum and palladium. All of the aforementioned metals have entered new technical bull markets in 2016 and seem to be building momentum. It took four painful years, but this proves yet again that low prices are the best cure for low prices. When the price of a particular commodity drops precipitously, two phenomenons inevitably occur: (i) higher cost suppliers of the commodity cut production and (ii) buyers of the commodity purchase more in real terms. These twinning events may take a while to play out, but they inevitably do.

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