Greg Hunter’s Weekly News Wrap-Up for August 12th, 2016

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

The mainstream media (MSM) is totally against Donald Trump, and they are proud of it. Now, the New York Times (NYT) is explaining why it is their duty of keep Trump out of the White House. An Op-Ed piece this past week basically said it was Trump’s fault that the MSM had to turn into political attack dogs for the DNC because Trump was “abnormal and potentially dangerous.” Of course, there is nothing about the lies upon lies of Hillary Clinton or the “extremely careless” nature of her unprotected servers and use of private email system or her “Foundation” that some call a “Huge, huge criminal conspiracy.” Trump is the “reckless” one who has to be stopped with lies and false stories according to the MSM, while they have to totally cover up and ignore Hillary’s many lies and potential criminal activity. I predict this will backfire in the face of the old time legacy media—big time.

Meanwhile, yet another batch of emails have been released that, once again, point to the fact that Hillary Clinton’s State Department was arranging deals and favors in return for Clinton Foundation “donations.” Donald Trump said this week, “These people are crooked. They have been crooked from the beginning. . . . You look at that foundation, it’s pure theft and pure crookedness.”

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