Gold and Silver, Guns & Ammo

Precious metals expert Clive Maund says markets are becoming increasingly chaotic, and he advises investors to hang on to their gold and silver.

by Clive Maund
The Gold Report

Markets are becoming increasingly chaotic as we move deeper into the fiat endgame. It is far too late to permit the corrective forces of deflation to purge the system of excesses. If this were allowed to happen the system would rapidly go into a state of “cardiac arrest” leading to a credit lockup, ATMs not working, the food distribution system breaking down, widespread rioting and looting, martial law being imposed and the growing risk of the citadels of government being stormed in outright revolution, so that much of the Western world ends up like Venezuela right now.

Faced with this prospect the only logical choice for those in power is to keep the game going as long as possible, and at this late hour, that involves the use of “helicopter money.”

Until recently the concept of helicopter money has been dismissed as an absurd joke, but now it is openly being talked about.

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