Global Deflation Illusion Will End in Tears

by Dan Collins
The China Money Report

According to the financial press, the greatest global economic threat is deflation and a lack of global demand. Of course, the solution to that is more printed money for bankers in the form of economic stimulus. The reality, is quite the opposite. Oil prices are up 47% in 2016. Health care premiums are expanding in the U.S. squeezing the life out of the middle class. Higher eduction in the U.S. will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. In China, home prices in China’s major cities have doubled in the last three years. An iPhone 6 in Shanghai will run you $1,000 USD. Product prices in the U.S. are being held reasonably low by a stacked house of financial derivatives, credit, and low interest financing. When the ponzi system busts foreigners are going to demand real money.. up-front for their labor.

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