Financial Big Bang is Closer Than Ever

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

These past two weeks rival any I’ve seen in my 14½ years of minute-to-minute PM watching – during which, the Cartel has relentlessly suppressed prices amidst an unrelenting blizzard of “PM bullish, everything-else-bearish” news flow. Using cover of the two slowest trading weeks of the year, they have aggressively pushed prices away from the indisputable “breakout levels” of $1,370/oz for gold – representing the “downtrend line” created by September 2011’s “Operation PM Annihilation I,” December 2011’s “Operation PM Annihilation II,” February 2012’s “Leap Day Violation,” and April 2013” Alternative Currencies Destruction” raids; and $20.45/oz silver, representing its 50-month moving average.

Yesterday was particularly egregious; as with interest rates barely higher, and for much of the day, flat or lower, paper gold and silver were bombed; after having barely been allowed to rise Monday, when interest rates – “hawkish” Yellen and Fischer comments notwithstanding – plummeted.

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