Everything is Fixed… Not!

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

It’s early Tuesday – and as I said in my first official Tweet this morning, don’t count on the “summer doldrums” lasting too long. Particularly in the case of Precious Metals, if you believe a blatantly “BS NFP Report,” defying every other piece of economic data, will prevent terrified people, the world round, from PROTECTING themselves from the hyperinflation some currencies are already experiencing, and others shortly will.

To think, just a year ago people were flocking into silver so aggressively, premiums surged and supply dried up, despite no material political or financial crisis. Apparently, the principal reason was fear of the “Shemitah” – which is a great commentary on human nature, in that people are more likely to fear the mystical, than what’s actually occurring in front of their eyes. So far, not a single non-financial theory has panned out – from solar flare occurrences; to biblical prophecies; and the most ridiculous of all – “web bots” – which was so out of leftfield, even I considered it for a second, until it was proven to be a sham like the others.

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