Entering Perfect Storm of Every Facet of Our Lives – Bill Holter with Greg Hunter

Bill Holter – World Facing Very, Very Dangerous Time

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Financial writer Bill Holter warns the world faces multiple problems, not just one. Holter explains, “We are entering a perfect storm of every facet of our lives. This is not just financial. This is social, and it has to do with the breakdown of the rule of law. In the U.S. and globally, you can look at this as a breakdown of morals. Society is breaking down. You’ve got false economic numbers supported by the press that’s telling the people that all is well. You are seeing, for lack of a better term, revolt all over the world. Brexit was a revolt. Donald Trump running for President is a revolt. You are seeing people get truly pissed off because they know something is wrong, and it’s a worldwide phenomenon.”

So, is the world headed for a “Mad Max” future? Holter says, “I think the chances are better than a coin flip that we have societal breakdown. If you are asking should you hold cash, my opinion is yeah, you should have some cash and very little bank balances because that is going to go away. You are going to have to have some physical cash, which will actually . . . after the system shuts down, become more valuable. The dollar will purchase more real goods for several weeks simply because if all the banks are closed and nobody has cash, then cash is scarce. That will work up until, all of a sudden, the light switch gets flipped and people understand that cash has no real value. People are not going to trade real eggs or real tomatoes for dollars. They will say I want something real for something real. That’s where your dollar collapses.”

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