Don’t Worry. Falling Gold and Silver Prices Equals Big Opportunity

by JS Kim

In mid-June of this year, I wrote an article stating that the gold and silver price rise was only getting underway. A little earlier that that, in our Member Services, we instructed our Members to purchase many gold and silver stocks. Even some of the PM stocks we just purchased this past June are still up, even after the large drop yesterday, by more than 25% and 49%, but unless the situation drastically changes in the next few weeks, we intend to hold through this temporary lull in prices, and to use this opportunity to add a few more gold and silver stocks to our portfolio at these now heavily discounted prices. So I don’t see this drop as a negative at all, but as a big opportunity, especially since a few of the gold and silver stocks we have been waiting to drop to purchase in our Member Services had now dropped 25% to 30% in price.

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