Competitive Devaluation and Rising Precious Metals Prices

by Jeff Nielson
Bullion Bulls Canada

Words have meaning. Actions have consequences. It is very easy for people to forget these tautologies in the Wonderland Matrix. Most of the time, the words we hear are lies. In other words, what is said is not what is actually meant (or thought). Alternately, the words we hear are vacuous euphemisms, like “the New Normal”, i.e. words without any meaning at all.

Actions have consequences. But inside the Wonderland Matrix, the mainstream media pretends there are no consequences, or (even more perversely) asserts that the “consequences” of a particular action are the precise opposite of the actual consequences. An obvious example of this perversity came when the ECB loaned much more money to Greece (a bankrupt economy), and then called that loan “a bail-out”. In the real world; you cannot “bail out” a bankrupt debtor by increasing its debts, you can only worsen the insolvency.

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