China: “If We Build It, They Will Succumb” & Creditism Has Replaced Capitalism | John Rubino

from Reluctant Preppers

As China scrambles to hide their secret hard landing and debt crisis behind a wall of “investment-driven” capacity expansion – despite the fact that their tsunami of oversupply is overwhelming the exhausted global demand, and sovereign nations’ bonds now forcing investors, insurance companies and pension funds to swallow the poison pill of negative interest rates, will the world’s governments determined to pull out all the stops to prevent certain death of the modern Franken-financial system invoke the ultimate contingency of “helicopter money” and unlimited debt-driven spending-to-infinity to keep the bubble inflated on an “ocean of fiat”, and are we entering the prophetic “crackup boom phase” predicted by Austrian economics? If so, how will this play out for the individual family – and what can the ordinary person do about it?

Straight-shooting financial analyst John Rubino, founder of, returns to Reluctant Preppers to give his steady assessment of what’s going on, where the present trend is headed, and what we can each do to return our domestic financial houses to sanity and relative safety, despite the turbulent times ahead!

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Richard Duncan: Creditism Has Replaced Capitalism

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