Canada: The Trouble With a Northern Escape Plan

by Ted Bauman
The Sovereign Investor

When I lived abroad, some of the fellow global wanderers I got to know were Canadians. One sure way to get on their wrong side was to ask what part of the States they were from … which could easily happen if they hadn’t yet said “about.”

It wasn’t that they disliked the U.S. — although there was some of that, especially circa 2003 to 2004 — they were just frustrated that if you speak as we do, you must be American by default. In other words, they disliked being seen as appendages of the mighty republic to their south.

Canada has always attracted some Americans. Thousands of us served in their military from 1939 to 1942. During the Vietnam War, absconding to Canada was quite popular, as I recall. But all in all, amongst Americans, Canada is more popular as a butt of silly and inaccurate jokes and stereotypes than as a place to live.

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