An Old Friend Returns

by Evil Speculator
Acting Man

A Rare Apparition

An old friend suddenly showed up out of the blue yesterday and I’m not talking about a contributor who had washed out and, after years of ‘working for the man’, decided to return for another whack at beating the market. Instead I am delighted to report that I am looking at a bona fide confirmed VIX sell signal which we haven’t seen for ages here.

[…] As a matter of fact it’s been so long that I actually had to and google my own blog in order to find it. Turns out the last time I reported a rare sighting such as this was on March 15th 2012 AD.

If I recall my history correctly that was right after Napoleon pushed the Romans out of Vienna at the battle of Dunkirk. Give or take a century – historical records are vague, as they have been corrected to satisfy political correctness and to protect the feelings of innocent snowflakes. After all we wouldn’t want the terrorists to win.

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