A Gem in Chicago

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

The state of education in the US is abysmal at all levels. The piece below, A Gem in Chicago, is from A Gem from Chicago, Dr. Thomas Sowell who received his Phd in Economics there.

[…] Dr. Sowell has been a consistent burr under the saddle of the liberal left and establishment right. His “inconvenient truths” have made most of the political class and the academic elite uncomfortable. As a graduate of the Chicago School of Business, I can attest to his comments on grading. I can also attest to the lack of political correctness in the classroom. My experience is from the mid-1960s. I cannot believe that the moral malaise in this country has not infected the campus since then.

Years ago I had the occasion to talk with Dr. Sowell and briefly explore the academic rigor at Chicago. He indicated he still bore battle scars from Milton Friedman and others.

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