Yen on a Roller Coaster Ride

by Mike Meyer
Daily Pfennig

Good Day. And welcome to Tuesday morning. Since both Frank and Chris are in Vancouver for the remainder of the week, I’ll be steering the ship through Friday with the help of Dane Moody, who is our newest Pfennig contributor. The currency market was smooth sailing for the most part, but the stock market and oil spent most of the day in the red. Frank will kick things off this morning with some thoughts from up north.

“Arriving here in Vancouver late afternoon I went to dinner with some local friends from long ago and far away. It was a marvelous evening with The Lift resplendent in the evening sunshine. In contrast to Saint Louis, we became hot at the end of dinner and had to ask for the shade to be drawn a bit. It isn’t 95 degrees and high humidity, but thermonuclear radiation feels hot no matter where you experience it.

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