Top Mining CEO Forecasts Triple Digit Silver Within Two Years: “The Manipulation is Coming to an End”

by Mac Slavo

As the Chairman of mineral bank First Mining Finance and the CEO of First Majestic Silver, one of the world’s largest primary silver producers and this year’s best performing stock on the Toronto exchange, Keith Neumeyer has an intimate understanding of silver’s strategic importance. Not only has it served as a trusted currency of last resort throughout history, but the modern world simply couldn’t function without it.

In his latest interview with SGT Report Neumeyer highlights the fundamentals responsible for silver’s meteoric rise. You may recall that Neumeyer is the only Chief Executive who has publicly called out the manipulation schemes being operated by a small concentration of institutional players who are likely acting on the behest of governments and central banks in an attempt to control prices. That manipulation, according to Neumeyer, is now coming to an end, which means silver and gold’s recent upward trend is likely only a small taste of what’s to come.

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