The Week in Review: July 30, 2016

by Mises Institute

It’s hard to believe, but we just wrapped up the 30th year of our Mises University program! Over 180 students from more than 100 schools gathered at our campus in Auburn to learn from luminaries such as Judge Andrew Napolitano, Tom Woods, Walter Block, Joseph Salerno, Peter Klein, Mark Thornton, Jeff Herbener, Bob Murphy, and more. Many of our faculty are Mises U grads themselves, like first-time lecturer Ben Powell from Texas Tech University.

Lectures from this week’s program streamed live via Facebook and YouTube, and you can watch all of them here. We guarantee you will enjoy the depth and breadth that only Mises U offers.

Dr. Block talks about a time when one could fit the entire Austrian economics movement in Murray Rothbard’s living room.

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