Systemic Failure, in One Headline

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

It’s Tuesday morning, on one of the rare “calm before the storm” days when headlines are thin – and manipulated markets thinner; when frankly, it makes more sense to slow things down than make them more complex. Yes, something dramatic, and market moving, could occur by the time I finish writing – but for now, I’m going to be a bit more “big picture,” and a bit less headline-specific; which is quite ironic, given that today’s principal topic refers to a single, ominous headline.

When I think about how much energy I’ve expended fighting the gold Cartel for 14½ years, it’s hard not be proud of my efforts. I truly believe I’ve helped people in many ways – and in practicing what I preach, have been “along for the ride” in every imaginable way. Unquestionably, the Miles Franklin Blog has become a “thought leader” in the economic alternative media, and you are the reason it has thrived – in taking our words to heart, and relaying them to others.

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