Still Report #999 – Clinton’s Sham Arguments

from Bill Still

lass=”” >On Saturday night, Judge Jeanine Pirro put together a panel to knock down some of the sham arguments you commonly hear from Hillary Clinton and her surrogates.
[insert 1] – ends with “I’d want to change the subject too….”
Git him, Judge.
[insert 2] “Cut, Cut, Cut”
The Godfather explanation is a possibility. This meeting was set up in advance for any combination of the following 4 reasons. The first 2 reasons come into play IF Loretta Lynch is honest and does intend to indict the Clintons with thousands of felony charges. The 3rd and 4th reasons would apply if Loretta Lynch is not honest and either plans to plea bargain everything down to a misdemeanor or try to get the Clintons off entirely:
So, if Lynch is an honest Attorney General, then Bill Clinton may have been:
1. offering a bribe, or
2. he might have been making a threat. And how are those grandchildren?
If Lynch is in the tank with President Obama and the Clintons, then:
3. Clinton could have been pleading for leniency – for a deal — for either he and/or Hillary, or even more likely, their daughter, Chelsea – or
4. Attorney General Lynch could have been giving Bill Clinton a small thumb drive with the questions FBI agents were about to hit Hillary with on Saturday morning – about 58 hours ago.
I hope Lynch proves herself to be honest and uphold the rule of law. That would be so much better for everyone involved, including the United States of America. However, I am sorry to say that I tend to favor the last two scenarios. I think it’s most likely that Lynch is totally in the tank with Clinton and Obama.
[insert “Tammy Bruce:….” to “… be indicted”.
I sure hope she’s right. Never before has the United States needed an honest Attorney General more than now.
[insert “But I’m also curious…. Ends with “… investigating your wife.”]
No, this meeting was designed to be secret – never disclosed to the public. Yes, they are desperate – desperate to squirm out of being prosecuted for thousands of felonies in the email scandal alone. All this talk of Loretta Lynch not being able to stop Bill Clinton is total nonsense. Lynch knew in advance Clinton would be coming aboard to discuss very sensitive matters.

They thought the plan was airtight, but someone – perhaps someone among the local FBI office, who, incidentally were responsible for security coverage in Phoenix that trip so they didn’t have to cart a bunch of agents on the plane. A dozen or so agents in the Phoenix office had to know the details of this trip beforehand. Someone called a local reporter with whom they probably had a long-standing relationship tipping them off with sensitive information so they could be ready to cover ongoing events. Someone they trusted.
[insert ends in “Bill Clinton, he had to know … that’s how desperate I think they are.]
Desperate? Yes? Had to know the damage to the Attorney General??? Do you think the Clintons care about anyone but themselves? They are ruthless politicians.
Then Richard … puts forth the argument that all the emails were classified after the fact. Therefore Clinton should not be prosecuted under the Espionage Act for mishandling any of them.
[insert: “She doesn’t come close….” to “dominos with her friends?”
Then Richard tries the specious argument that General Colin Powell had done the same thing. Judge Jeanine blasts that argument out of the water.
[insert: “As you know, Colin Powell had it….” To “… it’s called AOL”
This is deliberate distortion. The difference is control. Who controls your ability to completely delete any trace of emails talking about illegal activities – or even treason. With AOL, you can never delete emails completely. An AOL email lives forever on backup server after backup server.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good Day.