Still Report #989 – Austria – High Court Orders New Election

from Bill Still

lass=”” >In a groundbreaking decision, Austria’s highest court has overturned the May 22nd presidential election following widespread claims of election fraud.
According to political scientist Peter Filzmaier, as quoted in an NBC story published less than an hour ago, this is the first time a nationwide vote has been ordered repeated:
“in any modern world democracy.”
The historic decision is a huge victory for the anti-invasion Freedom Party whose candidate Norbert Hofer was expected to win the presidential race 6 weeks ago by a landslide.
Austria has been hard hit by the migrant tidal wave headed for Germany. More than 100,000 migrants have arrived in the past year, more than 1% of the population. As a result, Austria has completely shut its borders to immigrants.
Hofer strongly supports private gun ownership. He was seen frequently wearing his Glock pistol on the campaign trail. Hofer explained the rising popularity of gun ownership:
“In uncertain times, people try to protect themselves.”
In the first round of the presidential vote, 70% of eligible voters flooded the polls, compared to 50% in the last presidential race 6 years ago. Hofer won 36.4% of the vote – nearly twice that of his nearest competitor, but not a clear majority. So a runoff election was scheduled for May 22.
The second-highest finisher was Green party candidate Alexander Van der Bellen. The last polling before the vote showed Hofer with a large lead, but when the results were announced, Van der Bellen won by more than 30,000 votes.
However, voting irregularities were reported across the nation, affecting nearly 78,000 votes – more than twice the winning margin. According to the court’s decision, they had no choice but to cancel the previous election and call for a new one.
Most believe that Hofer will win easily in the light of the Brexit vote and surges across the continent in anti-migration political candidates.
Van der Bellen had been due to be sworn in later this month. The rerun vote is expected in September or October.

I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good Day.