Still Report #988 – Attorney General Meets Secretly With Clinton on Private Airplane

from Bill Still

lass=”” >I’m calling this PlaneGate. On Monday evening, exactly 3 days ago, Attorney General Loretta Lynch met secretly on a private plane on the tarmac at the Phoenix, Sky Harbor airport with Bill Clinton away from prying eyes or television cameras.
The secret meeting would have remained secret except that one anonymous tipster understood the gravity of the secret meeting and quickly called the local ABC affiliate in Phoenix.
Do not underestimate the importance of this story. This could be just as important to downfall of the Clintons as the revelation of the existence of a surreptitious taping system in the Oval office was for the Nixon administration during the Watergate investigation in 1973, nearly 43 years ago.
That’s right. A totally private conversation with no possibility of being overheard or recorded, protected by FBI and Secret Service agents on either an FBI jet, or a private jet being used by Lynch.
I’m sorry to say this, but Lynch will be out of a job 6 months from now. The Clintons have access to virtually unlimited amounts of money from certain Middle East nations. I’m not suggesting this, however, at this point NO ONE can rule out that a substantial amount of money could have been offered – or even worse – a significant threat during this 30 minute meeting. If you listened carefully to Lynch, she was careful to say the meeting was “mostly social’. So that means that there was some business discussed – and perhaps – dirty business.
The most important thing to remember here is that if this meeting was not a million-to-one fluke accident, then it was a rushed, last minute covert meeting – one that was designed to NEVER be known by the public.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good evening.