Still Report #1079 – Viewing the Evil Hillary on Mute

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Good evening, I’m still reporting on politics.
Last night, I muted Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech, but as I worked, I sort of watched it.
Every time I looked, it seemed like the really evil part of her nature came through more obviously without the sound on.
About 10 mins after she walked off the stage, Donald Trump fired off a series of 5 tweets off the top of his head that pretty much summed up Hillary Clinton.
At 11:47pm Trump tweeted out:
“Hillary’s refusal to mention Radical Islam, as she pushes a 550% increase in refugees, is more proof that she is unfit to lead the country.”
Three minutes later came this one:

“Our way of life is under threat by Radical Islam and Hillary Clinton cannot even bring herself to say the words.”
11:50 PM – 28 Jul 2016
Two minutes later:
“Hillary will never reform Wall Street. She is owned by Wall Street!.”
Then another 2 minutes later:
“Hillary’s vision is a borderless world where working people have no power, no jobs, no safety.”
And then the final tweet of the Trump Twitter storm came at 11:57:
“Hillary’s wars in the Middle East have unleashed destruction, terrorism and ISIS across the world.”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.