Still Report #1077 – Robby Mook: Clinton’s Campaign Manager

from Bill Still

lass=”” >I’ve heard about this guy, Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, but this is the first time I’ve seen him talk. Not surprisingly, he is a slippery character.
So let’s see how this guy operates:
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Struggles with facts? We have a saying among Trumpers – Trump was right again. Trump does mis-speak occasionally, but I can’t tell you how many times I thought Trump was wrong, when a week later, I found out no – Trump is way better informed on most issues that most of us are. So now, I’ve learned not to call him on facts unless I let a couple of weeks go by.
But what about the Clintons? Lying is such a habit pattern with both of them that even if telling the truth would benefit them, they just lie automatically out of habit. If they get called on it, they literally lie their way out of it. This behavior is called pathological lying.
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And that’s why he’s going to win. He’s just the opposite of the Clintons. He tells the truth, even if it does not benefit him. And if this guy Mook thinks he can steer Clinton to a win by trying to sell the American people on the fantasy that everything is just swell in America – that’s a bigtime losing proposition.
By the time election day draws neigh, Trump’s first two issues on his list will be the nation’s most important issues: radical Islamic terror and the open-border policy which is feeding it.
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This is a highly popular vote getter among the “more free stuff” crowd, but it is absolutely not the truth and not the solution. I have a college friend who is at the top level of a major university. He has told me specifically that the surge in tuition prices is directly correlated with just one metric – the increase in federally-subsidized college lending.
Increasing this federal funding will only lead to proportional increases in college tuition, which will lead to more federal funding, which will lead to even higher costs. It’s yet another mini-death spiral flowing into the debt money, national debt death star.
When politicians have to resort to bread-&-circuses to gain and hold power, you know the death of the nation draweth neigh.
Bread & circuses refers to Roman politicians in 140 BC who introduced a grain dole – the giving out of cheap food – and providing for free circuses which were very expensive to produce. In a nation in economic decline, as citizens increasingly become more self-serving and less willing to sacrifice for the good of their nation and fellow citizens – Bread & Circuses becomes the most effective way to rise to power – no matter how short term it is.
Funny how history repeats.
Trump understands all of this.
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And that among many other reasons is why Lindsey Graham is second only to Ted Cruz among THE least respected Republican members of Congress.
Also, it was Lindsey Graham who cast the deciding vote in the U.S. Senate to allow Bill Clinton to escape conviction after his impeachment.
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Taxpayer-funded opposition research projects, is it? Oh you mean the investigation into the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi? Well we found out quite a bit.
We found out that Prez. Obama actually authorized a rescue mission, but someone countermanded that order, and I suspect that someone was Mrs. Clinton.
We also found out that Mrs. Clinton was keeping all her State Dept. emailing routed thru a private server to avoid the criminal nature of her concomitant business dealings. It was a maximally insecure server over which Clinton willingly and knowingly transmitted TOP SECRET documents – an act of treason.
Then she lied about it all before Congressional committees – perjury – as well as the American people as she desperately tried to cover it all up.
And then, the root cause of this illegal, private server in the first place was for the purpose of enriching her and husband and daughter in what appears to be a pay-for-play racket to extort cash out of those who wanted access to the U.S. government at the highest level.
So far she’s been able to put off a legitimate investigation of the Clinton Foundation extortion racket, but all the rest of it – that’s what your taxpayer-funded opposition research project discovered.
And as Congressional investigations go, I’d say that’s right up there as an all-time good investment of time and public resources – a very good haul for one small investigating committee.
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