Still Report #1066 – The Trump Russia Real Reset?

from Bill Still

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As some long-time viewers know, I’m unalterably opposed to the over-consolidation of power. Dictatorships – either theocratic or political, are hostile to maximizing freedom and justice for all people equally.
I’m not an anarchist by any means. There is a balance in all things, and living within the constraints of a set of rules devised by a truly democratic process is the sweet spot for humanity.
We certainly have strayed from that path like never before with the Obama administration. We still maintain the shell of a democratic republic, but when you look under the hood, it looks more and more like an oligarchy of a one-world rich guys club.
I believe that Trump really has come on the scene to try to break this up and return this nation to what the framers of our constitution intended – maximum freedom and justice for all.
So why talk about shaking up NATO and hinting at a real reset with Russia?
Although long-time viewers know I’m no fan of RT (Russia Today) someone sent me an RT report of an interview of a Russian Senator, Konstantin Kosachev that gave me a better understanding of the Russian point of view.
Kosachev is the head of the Russian Federation Council’s International Affairs Committee.
He basically says that Russia fears a NATO that is too strong, and this fear forces Russia to maintain an overly-aggressive military posture wherever it can gain advantage.
According to Sen. Kosachev:
“The policy of one-sided military dominance exercised by the US and its NATO allies could cause a major standoff similar to the Cuban missile crisis of the early 1960s.”
“Though the world is not currently facing the threat of a new nuclear crisis, Russia’s opponents could make such a situation a reality.”
I disagree in part. Here’s why. Do you know where the biggest U.S. arsenal of nuclear weapons is stored outside of the United States? Turkey.
Yup, imagine a radicalized Turkey suddenly becoming a nuclear power, armed with 90 US made, variable-yield nukes ready to be loaded aboard US-built aircraft.
Now that is the ultimate game-changer, and it may be underway at this very moment, completely oblivious to a docile U.S. MSM which still doubts that President Obama and Hillary Clinton would in any way help facilitate such a scenario. But that’s another story.
Back to Russia. Senator Kosachev went on to explain that Russia sees the rising power of the Western oligarchy – represented by NATO – as “monopolar”. In other words, what we would call globalism, or the New World Order – Russia rightly calls “monopolar”. Of course Russia has to stand against that or give up their sovereignty to it. That ain’t gonna happen.
Suddenly the lights came on in my brain.
“Western leaders constantly claim that their nations are threatened and they have to defend themselves. But it is not them who is threatened, they simply perceive Russia’s non-compliance with the imposed model … as a threat.”
“Russia is not interfering with NATO’s affairs and we also are … against NATO interfering in our affairs.”
“The monopolar model does not suit us and we actively disagree with it. Unfortunately, [the West] describe[s] this disagreement as a threat.
“Yes, this is a threat to their single-sided interests, but not a threat to their security and … collective global safety,” Kosachev said.
“The realization of [this] could be a good basis for [a new] stage in post-WWII history,” he concluded.
I now believe some version of this line of thinking is what Trump has been hinting at. Of course he can’t elaborate on it in the political season because the pro-oligarch Clinton group has already demonstrated their willingness to try to paint such a move by Trump as a pro-Putin, pro-tyrant – even pro-communist tendency.
Fortunately, we, the l ittle people of the United States, have already made up our minds about Trump. We trust him.
We do not trust Trojan Horse Obama; Crooked Clinton. Just as on the Republican side we don’t trust Lying Ted – the Republican Trojan Horse, along with his globalist pals, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and every other member of Congress who supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
In Trump we trust. To Bernie Saunders supporters, he is your only alternative. Trust us. We want the same outcome you want, just in different ways – more self-reliant ways.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.