Still Report #1038 – LA Times Poll: Trump 43, Clinton 40

from Bill Still

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The LA Times is one of the 3 most pro-Clinton newspapers in the nation. However, yesterday, they released a new national poll that showed some results their editorial staff was not thrilled with – Trump 43, Clinton 40.
The 5-day poll contacted 3,000 people. Here’s some of the more interesting results:
Clinton led among Latinos by only a 51-30% margin with 19% undecided. In 2012, Romney only scored 27% with Latinos, while Obama got 71%. 27 to 71 versus 30 to 51.
Certainly Trump will get the lion’s share of the remaining 19%. That would push Trump over 40% among Latinos, and that’s spells big trouble for Clinton.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.