Still Report #1021 – Trump’s Speech on VA Reform

from Bill Still

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Donald Trump’s speech yesterday in Virginia Beach, Virginia was not only his best, but should go down in U.S. history as one of the great American speeches.
Why? Because though its focus is primarily on the Veterans Administration – the US governmental entity that is responsible for taking care of our military veterans – it is illustrative of how corrupt the US government has become.
In fact, the United States government stands on the precipice of becoming so corrupted by the influence peddling that is epitomized by the Clinton Foundation, that effective self governance of, by, and for the people, is threatened with extinction.
Trump is the only reformer on the American political scene who not only speaks the pure truth, but has the force to get the truth heard over the deceptive roar of disinformation and spin of the mainstream media.
I’ll just replay here Trump’s 10-point plan to fix the VA and leave out the exhaustive evidence he lays out of the immense corruption that has ruled the VA for the last 7 years.
Trump is no novice at military affairs. He attended a military style prep school during his high school years, the New York Military Academy, where he attained the rank of Cadet Captain.
By the time Trump graduated from the Wharton School of Economics, he was already working with his father’s real estate business where he learned the art of deal making and the toughness to run an efficient, multi-billion dollar business.
Bottom line: there is no one better equipped to fix the VA – or the rest of America’s problems than Donald Trump.
God bless Trump for not only risking his fortune, but the very lives of both he, his wife, and even his extended family, to accomplish just one thing – to make America great again.
Because one thing is for sure; if America can’t withstand the evil intent of the globalist cleptocrats, no other nation can. So we are not just talking about American freedom here, but world freedom is what is at risk.
Trump’s entire Virginia Beach speech can be viewed on the original Right Side broadcast feed here:
If you love America and the concept of human freedom, this speech should leave you in tears.

I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.