Still Report #1003 – Nigel Farage Quit After Death Threats

from Bill Still

lass=”” >As it turns out, Nigel Farage suddenly quit his leadership post at UKIP, the UK Independence Party, because of several death threats posted on social media.
Farage has made a police report to detectives after a flurry of threats to kill him.
In one tweet, a user named “Englands Own” tweeted out:
“I will pay for someone to shoot Nigel Farage.”
In another, a user named “Welshy” said:
“Someone needs to assassinate Nigel Farage with immediate effect.”
These two need to be tracked down because in this age, it’s easier than ever to make and widely distribute such threats over the Internet, and they can have devastating effects on the political process.
Think of it, we do want to retain a process where elected officials are expected to go out at designated times and specific places and expose themselves to the public, don’t we?
If we don’t get a handle on this type of crime and make public examples of these people, all our politicians will soon be living behind television screens and computer monitors with zero access by the public to an event where we can actually shake a real person’s hand.
And further restrictions on guns are not the answer.
As recent ISIS material has made clear to their followers, if you can’t get your hands on a gun, use whatever you can, a knife, a screwdriver, a pressure cooker, or your Ford Explorer.
Farage says he may return to the party if it looks like Britain is getting a “rotten deal” over the Brexit exit, but insists that his time as leader has expired.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good Day.