Serco Boss: We Need Five Years to Prepare a Post-Brexit Trade Plan

Theresa May’s priority should be deciding Britain’s relationship with Europe’s single market

by Rupert Soames

The appointment of a new prime minister and government is a cathartic event. The die really is now cast, and business leaders who, like me, have been shaken by the decision to leave the EU, now have to focus our minds on making the best of the opportunities, and minimising the costs and risks.

For Serco, which employs some 30,000 people in the UK, and 40,000 overseas, it is of supreme importance that the country finds the right answers on key business and economic issues. The chance that business emerges from separation from the EU flourishing and in good order will depend greatly on whether the country does the same.

Ministers face an agenda probably more pressing and crowded than any seen since the Second World War, and we in business have a responsibility, and a clear interest, to support them constructively as they develop policy options.

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