Separate Laws for Political Nobility & Economic Elite – Gerald Celente with Greg Hunter

Gerald Celente – Panic of 2016 at the Doorstep

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Trends researcher Gerald Celente says Hillary Clinton not being charged by the FBI for having a private unprotected email server is just a small part of an ongoing major trend. Celente explains, “It’s bigger than Clinton. It’s a trend, and anybody can see it if they open their minds and add up the facts. What we have now is a neo-feudal society. It’s all connected. It’s, as we call it, ‘global-nomic.’ Since Obama became President, and these are the facts, 95% of the wealth since 2009 has gone to the 1%. Now, let’s take a trip around the world. 62 people have more dough than half of the world’s population combined. In the United States, 400 people are worth $2.5 trillion. What I am saying is the word ‘justice’ is being misspelled. It’s J U S T U S—Just Us. . . . You have separate laws for the political nobility and the economic elite.”

Celente goes on to say, “Let’s go back to Obama. He’s the greatest liar and traitor that America has ever known. George Bush was a war criminal for lying us into wars. Just to make it clear, I am not pro or anti Democrat or Republican. I am a political atheist. I don’t like the Bloods and Crypts, murderers and thieves. Back to Obama, the liar and chief and his campaign in 2008, he promised to bring those Wall Street criminals to justice. Six banks were convicted of felonies, not charged, convicted, did you see any heads roll? NO.”

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