Robert Kiyosaki Warns 2016 Jubilee Year Collapse is Going to Make a Lot of Poor Dads

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

Already in Jubilee 2016, we’ve seen incredible volatility. Brexit is just one example. Within a matter of minutes the British pound soared (when Bremain had the early lead in results) and then had its worst crash in history a few minutes later. The British stock market fell 5.6% quickly after Brexit and has now moved up dramatically in the last week.

Volatility in the markets is just like volatility in real life. Your car rides fine for thousands of miles and then, suddenly,begins to shake madly: A wheel is in danger of falling off, and if you don’t stop quick enough it ends up in a crash.

Or someone could appear to be well adjusted and stable but then begins to act erratically. This is usually a sign that the person is about to have a major problem.

It is the same in the markets. Volatility is a sign that something is wrong.

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