Revealing the Plot Behind the Fake Turkey Coup – Fabian Calvo Interview

from CrushTheStreet

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Fabian’s geopolitical expertise really shines int his interview discussing the fake Turkey coup, September 11th 28 Pages release, world economics, 2016 election, helicopter money and even personal solutions and opportunities in this environment.

01:50 Turkey Attempted Coup; World Geopolitical Chaos
04:40 Why would they Fake a Coup? NATO, EU, Islam, ISIS
07:35 9/11 28 Pages Released; What was the Role of Saudi Arabia?
10:00 Is Petrodollar being Propped up by violence in Middle East?
13:00 World Economy, Stocks Manipulated Up to Get Hillary Elected
15:00 Helicopter Money, Basic Universal Income to be Rolled Out
18:50 Get more from Fabian including his Podcast

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