No Email Charges for Hillary in a Series of Polarizing News Reports

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

CNN and MSNBC confirm Hillary Clinton will not face any charges in email inquiry … Hours after Hillary Clinton held her long awaited interview with the FBI in the name of helping its investigation of a Romanian email hacker, which the media has routinely and willfully misreported as being an “investigation of Clinton” for the past year, MSNBC is now finally reporting the obvious: she’ll face no charges of any kind. – DailyNewsBin

Hillary was subject to an apparently intensive FBI interview on Friday, but now mainstream media is reporting that she won’t be charged with anything.

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd made the announcement during on Saturday afternoon and then CNN also reported it.

Todd wasn’t speculative about his announcement. He claimed certainty.

This is not exactly a dominant social theme in the sense that it is news reporting. But the larger message is certainly thematic.

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