Marin Katusa Interview Part 1: Resource Stocks, Gold, Brazil Resources

by Nick Hodge
Outsider Club

Publisher’s Note: I recently sat down with Marin Katusa to discuss his natural resource fund, how he approaches the sector, his thoughts on gold, and one gold stock that we’re both fond of. If you don’t know Marin, you should. He’s whip smart, a fierce deal-maker, and he approaches the market with his mathematician background. Below is part one. Expect part two tomorrow. Enjoy.

Nick Hodge: Hi, this is Nick Hodge here. I’m the founder of Outsider Club, and also the managing editor of the stock advisories Early Advantage and Like Minded People. I have a special guest on the phone today to talk a little bit about the gold markets, and one of our holdings in that market in particular. Our guest is Marin Katusa. He’s the president of Katusa Research. He’s also a fund manager, and author of the New York Times best-seller “The Colder War.” Marin, thanks a lot for joining us today.

Marin Katusa: My pleasure.

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