Manipulative Idiocy of New Gingrich’s Attempt to Demonize Islam and Make War

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

Newt Gingrich Argues U.S. Should Conduct Shariah Test … Newt Gingrich, a former speaker of the House and a finalist to become Donald J. Trump’s running mate, said in an interview on Fox News that Muslims in the United States should be subject to a test to see if they support Shariah law. “If they believe in Shariah,” Mr. Gingrich said Thursday night, referring to the legal code of Islam based on the Quran, “they should be deported.” – New York Times

Has Newt Gingrich actually talked to a Muslim?

Shariah law, as was explained to us long ago, is purposefully harsh to ensure that believers are warned not to transgress. Its intention is moral, not punitive.

The bar is set very high. For instance, it takes FOUR male believers to make an accusation of adultery. They actually have to witness the act. They have to be in the room.

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