Made in the USA – Vitriol and Over-the-Top Fanaticism

by Bill Bonner
Acting Man

As Ye Sow…

DUBLIN – Dublin is a delightful city. But it is backward. It was warm last night. From the vent, no Arctic air issued at gale force. So, we did something retrograde… something that you can’t do in most U.S. business hotels: We opened the window.

[…] In through the window drifted a soft, cool breeze from St. Stephen’s Green. But we couldn’t sleep. Some people like the comforting sound of church bells ringing in the wee hours. Others wilt into sleep by their grandmothers’ bedtime lullabies.

But when you are from Baltimore, you just can’t relax without the noise of police sirens and occasional gunshots; otherwise, you feel something is wrong. What’s the matter with Dublin?

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