Kyle Bass Was Right: Here Is SocGen’s Primer How To Trade The Biggest Yuan “Depreciation Wave” Yet

from Zero Hedge

For a few months in early 2016 it was cool to make fun of Kyle Bass’ career bet on Yuan devaluation; now that the Yuan is back to 6 year lows and sliding as China once again quietly loses control of its capital outflows, it is not so cool any more.

[…] And with every passing day, it is only going to get worse because despite all the rhetoric, China’s economy is getting worse by the day. As SocGen puts it, “there have been signs of reviving capital outflow pressure since early 2Q. If the deprecation continues apace, capital outflow pressure will build up further and potentially quite quickly. The fact that the PBoC keeps stepping up capital controls despite the innocuous official flow data seems to suggest that it is also expecting an uphill battle.

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