John Williams on the BREXIT and the Economic Consequences, Hyperinflation & Death of US Dollar

from FutureMoneyTrends

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One of our most popular guests is here to update us on the world economy and he has the number crunching to back up his claims, that’s what makes what he says so ear piercing. After the BREXIT the path for the US Dollar is even more shaky as the EuroZone is fighting to survive in it’s current state.

01:30 Economic Consequences from BREXIT: Euro Could End
06:15 Does EuroZone problems help the US Dollar? Just Short Term…
08:20 Flight to Gold for Safety; Federal Reserve Rate Hikes
12:50 Higher Rates May be BETTER for Economy; but not likely
14:10 Dollar & Oil Prices – Inflation
16:00 Central Banks have no escape route from crisis they delayed in 2008
16:20 2016 Election: Can Trump take it all the way? Sanders, Clinton…
20:40 Hyperinflation: What it would look like in America
22:30 US Government Obligations Exceed $100 Trillion
24:10 FED to reintitute Quantitative Easing Money Printing

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