IMF Chief Lagarde to Stand Trial

from Boom Bust

lass=”” >The top story: The IMF’s chief Christine Lagarde is to face trial over payout to French businessman Bernard Tapie. Elsewhere, PMI data point to a sharp slowdown in the UK following the Brexit vote. Ameera David has details. Afterwards, Boom Bust’s Bianca Facchinei reports on how Amazon has tiptoed into the banking business through student loans. Then, Ameera talks to RealVision founder Raoul Pal about the market situation in a post-Brexit world. Raoul also has commentary on the US economy and bitcoin.

After the break, Ameera talks to Levy Economics Institute research associate Marshall Auerback about the post-Brexit political situation in the UK. And in the Big Deal, Ameera and Edward Harrison continue the discussion about America’s pension underfunding problem.

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