Great Graphic: How the US Recovery Stacks Up

by Marc Chandler
Financial Sense

This Great Graphic was tweeted by Alan Kruger (@Alan_Kruger). Drawing on official data and the Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow tracker for Q2 GDP (2.4%), it shows the current business cycle in the context of a four earlier cycles.

Until now the recovery from the Great Financial Crisis has been the weakest from the post-WWII compared to the last four contractions. However, as Kruger points out, assuming that the Atlanta Fed’s GDP tracker is accurate, this dour assessment will no longer hold. It will surpass the recovery from the end of the tech bubble at the start of the century.

Even so, the recovery in many respects remains unimpressive. Nevertheless, it is notable in what it says about the two main competing explanations for the lackluster growth.

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