Gold Productionon the Decline! Bull Market is Starting – Mickey Fulp Interview

from FutureMoneyTrends

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Mickey’s back to discuss current mining & gold/silver markets after over half a year since our last interview. He sees gold production declining and a steady level-headed rise in gold & silver this year.

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00:50 Introduction to Mickey Fulp’s straight talk on mining
02:20 Is this now an official Bull Market?
04:00 Mickey says he’s cautious to call the bull market
05:00 How much supply destruction from bear market past?
06:20 Expect declines from 2015 All-Time-High in Gold Production
06:40 Silver bullish analysis: Gold to Silver ratio
08:40 The 45 Year record on gold-silver ratios
09:40 How does BREXIT affect Europe & Gold/Silver
11:00 Political Shift toward Anti-Establishment candidates
12:30 European Union & Euro currency Won’t work long-term!
13:10 Bush’s New World Order Agenda & Globalism to fail
14:15 Should Libertarians vote Gary Johnson 2016?
16:30 Could Gold break $1,500 in 2016?
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