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lass=”” >The Pentagon fails to keep track of its financial resources and expenditures in any meaningful way. Learn More:

For military contractor’s, profit and loss are determined not by the market, but by a firm’s ability to navigate politics. This leads to wasteful spending and delayed results, such as a F-35 Jet that’s still inferior to the F-16 which was invented in 1970. Professor Chris Coyne explains more in this video.


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Economizing Defense: Economics of the Military-Industrial Complex (Academic article): Peter Boettke and Peter Leeson write on the potential for a market in national defense.
The Origins of the Permanent War Economy (Academic article): Chris Coyne and Thomas Duncan look into the origins and causes of the modern day military-industrial complex.…
Libertarian Philosophy: Does a Stronger Military Make Us Safer? (Learn Liberty video): Bryan Caplan debates Jan Ting on the threat imposed by the mere existence of an armed forces.…

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